All About Me

  1. I’m 40-something (guess I’ll have to update that periodically).
  2. I’ve been married to the love of my life (let’s call him “Angry”) for 21 years.
  3. I’m a Type 1 diabetic (and have been since I was 7).
  4. I don’t have kids and have never, ever wanted them. I’m selfish. I want to go out to dinner when I want, without calling a babysitter. I don’t want to do extra laundry. I don’t want to cook for extra people.
  5. I love kids. I just don’t want any of my own (see #4).
  6. I’ve been trying to lose weight forever. I may have lost that battle but will keep trying.
  7. I love me some good beer and tequila.  Maybe that’s a reason I’m not losing weight (see #6)?
  8. I hate to exercise. OK – Maybe that’s another reason I can’t seem to lose weight (see #6)?
  9. I hate housework. Wait . . .who doesn’t.
  10. I love animals. I had a dog growing up and have had cats all through my married life.
  11. I don’t want to become the neighborhood “cat lady” when I get old (see #10).
  12. I love to read. My favorites are murder mysteries but I like almost anything but romance novels.
  13. I’m fascinated by the Civil War and have been studying it for quite a while.
  14. I’m so creeped out by centipedes that it’s hard for me to type the word centipede. I won’t even squish one. That’s Angry’s job.
  15. I hate, despise, am disgusted by, and am grossed out by celery. I can’t even stand the smell. Keep that crap far, far away from me. It is EVIL.
  16. I am a horrible cook. Angry says he likes my cooking. I think he is a liar.
  17. Maybe my cooking is bad because I don’t use celery (see #15)?
  18. I’m a hand talker. If you are nearby with a drink or something valuable, move away or I WILL knock it over or break it.
  19. I “hand talk” even when I’m on the phone.
  20. I talk to myself. A LOT. I even answer my own questions.
  21. I’m a shoe-aholic. I own a lot of shoes (and sandals and boots). It’s become a problem but I don’t see any ads for Shoe-aholics Anonymous so I guess I’ll just buy more!
  22. I played flute and piccolo in Jr. High School, High School, and College. Haven’t picked them up since 1989.
  23. I'm terrified of thunder and lightning.