Thursday, September 20, 2012

What's in a row?

Pat over at A View From the Edge always does a "Thursday's Things in a Row" blog.  It's a great idea and so much fun to see what she's taken pictures of!!

I decided to take a rare lunch break today and walked to a nearby mall.  It's accessible from my building by using a sky walk (which is great in the Winter!).  I took some 'in a row' pictures to follow in Pat's footsteps.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery don't ya know.

This picture has a lot of things in a row!  Skylights, rails, chandeliers, columns, and arches to name a few.

Here are some sugary treats in a nice row to help you along if you feel fatigued while shopping.  I think I'd pick my favorite color if I was to have some.

Walking through the mall I saw a store with lots of t-shirts for sale, all displayed in rows.

I was distracted by the shiny things in one of the stores!  Lots of bracelets in rows to choose from.  I didn't buy any though.  I did get a strange look from the person at the counter while I snapped the photo with my phone.  Maybe she thought I was casing the joint?  Really lady, I'm not stealing anything.  I'm blogging.

The same store had some Green Bay Packer shirts.  Go Pack Go!!

On the way back to my office building I stopped at a produce stand.  Look at all the yummy stuff in rows here.  I bought some avocados (five for $1!!).

Walking back through the sky walk I noticed the flags along the bridge (over the Milwaukee River).  Very patriotic and the flags looked beautiful blowing in the wind.

At last I needed to get back to work so I used the elevator (I'm not taking 24 floors worth of stairs even if they allowed me in the stairwell).  All the buttons are in two neat rows.

I got some exercise and had fun taking pictures.  And, I got some healthy avocados for dinner tonight.  My shopping trip cost me $1.  Not too bad for a shopaholic.  Right?

Hope you enjoyed shopping along with me!



Vegas Linda Lou said...

Cheapest shopping trip ever! Taking photos makes it fun, and it's free!

Pat said...

Once you start on the "things in a row" kick, it's a curse. That's all you SEE are things in a row! Thanks for hoping on board the crazy train!

You even had "sausages" that race(?) in a row in the upper right hand corner!

Liz said...

Linda - The only reason I didn't spend more is that I didn't go to the shoe department. I have a shoe addiction so I knew to stay away!! You can't go wrong with spending a buck. :-)

Liz said...

Pat - Since I've been reading your blog I DO look at a lot of things and notice 'rows.' So, I think it's already an addiction. I had a good time yesterday looking at things a bit differently to find good photo shots though.

The sausages are our 7th inning race at Miller Park for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball games. Klements is a big company here that makes sausages (YUMMY!) so that's our gig at the games. We have (in order of the picture) Polish, Chorizo, Italian, Hotdog, and German.