Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Uncool at the pool.

We were at our favorite resort in Puerto Vallarta Mexico over Memorial Day week.  Yes, I took a week away from my project at work.  I had reached a point where I was going to start punching people (hard!).  We all agreed that if I didn’t leave I would probably have a mental breakdown.  So off we went.

One day while sitting at the pool, we noticed two guys with a pair of binoculars.  We didn’t think twice about it since they could get some views of the gorgeous birds flying around and maybe spot some dolphins Oceanside.

But. . . They were looking at women who were AT THE POOL.  What?  They were sitting on the opposite side of the pool from the bar.  Every woman that walked by to get a drink got the binoculars pointed at her boobs and her ass.  From about 100 feet away!  Heaven forbid that someone bent or leaned over.  Those guys got a close up of a lot of cleavage.  They didn't keep it a secret either.  They passed the binocs back and forth looked at whatever caught their fancy.  Binoculars at 100 feet?  Really?

As we watched what they were watching (does that make us as bad as them?), we noticed that they’d point the binocs towards the hotel windows.  Maybe hoping for someone who forgot to close their curtains?  I wonder if they got lucky.

I do realize that when you have a bunch of people in swimsuits (especially bikinis) you will have eyes roaming to their bodies.  But, the “normal” crowd is wearing sunglasses and no one really knows where those eyes are pointed.  With the binoculars, there was no question what they were looking at.

Bird Watchers or Girl Stalkers?

Cruisers, Boozers, or just Losers?
You decide!



Anonymous said...

Hilariously awful.

Have to say that it's a sure sign that those delightful males are missing out on 'real' female company.... and perhaps not hard to guess why.

In my younger days, I became used to a bit of male attention. The other day, I could hear two approaching men saying, "Gorgeous" and "How cute!" I turned to give a smile, only to see their eyes firmed placed near my ankles, looking at my dog, Nellie.

This is what happens when the mid 40s are approaching.... Do I regret no longer receiving admiring looks? sometimes.....

Pat said...

Losers. Definitely Losers. Like you said, if they had on sunglasses and were being discreet, that's one thing. To be out in the open, with freakin' binoculars, that is OBSCENE!

Liz W said...

diplomaticdog - I agree! We assumed that they were going back to their room(s) as lonely men. HA! I'll bet you STILL are a "looker" but when there's a cute dog nearby, most people notice them instead! No regrets.

Liz W said...

Pat - I think they were hoping everyone was too drunk to notice them (all inclusive place). That's the only explination I can come up with for being so "open" about it! HA!

Liz W said...

PS diplomaticdog - I love your blog. I'm going to add it to my reading list. Who doesn't like a cute puppy?!?!