Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Boogie in the parking lot!

In my city (as I’m sure it is in yours), we have many people that drive their cars around with the music turned up way TOO LOUD.  It's so loud that when I'm in my house the pictures on the walls rattle.  Unfortunately, the music is often some sort of rap or hip hop.  This is not a critique of that type of music.  What causes the problem is that it is heavy with bass and this is what rattles everything from pictures on the wall to my brain.

When I was leaving work a while ago, I got off the elevator in the parking structure and I could hear music.  Mind you, the elevator bank is inside a small "room" and enclosed by glass doors.  This music was pretty loud for me to hear it in there.

When I walked out towards my car, I could hear that it was a Beatles song (Back in the USSR if I remember right).  I noticed a lady who must have been in her 60s "dancing" in her car seat as she listened to the song.

I have to admit, I found it quite charming!!  Of course, I like the Beatles and was sort of doing a "boogie" of my own as I walked to my car.  And, my brain wasn’t rattling.

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Laura said...

Oh give me blasting Beatles music anyday over a blasting rap song and that terrible distorted bass.