Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm addicted!

Hi, my name is Liz and I have a problem.  I need I’m addicted to social networking.

Did you read “1984” with Big Brother?  I’ve become Big Brother in reverse.

I’m a member of:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare, Flickr, Blogger (that's obvious since you are here reading about me!), and probably some I don’t remember signing up for. 

I check into places I’m visiting.  I text.  I blog.  I post pictures for the world to view.  I Tweet.  I Facebook my every move (well, not every move but most of them).  If someone wants to find me “keep an eye on" me (that means you, Government), I’m right out there helping them.

The problem is, I can’t stop.  I mean, who really cares about the gibberish I say on Twitter or Facebook?  Who cares what shops, restaurants, or businesses I’m visiting right now?  Who really cares what jokes I like or what products I use?  Who needs to see pictures of my cat?  No one!  While these things are certainly not important, they are FUN!  I enjoy using the applications and find them entertaining.  I actually get my news on Twitter much faster than I could ever get it on the radio or TV (or heaven forbid, a newspaper).  I. Just. Can't. Stay. Away.

To make things even more interesting, I’m actually in an all-out war on Foursquare right now. 

Angry and I visit a local restaurant and hang out in the bar.  Some weeks we are there three or four times.  We go often enough that we are Facebook friends with many of the employees there.  But, just so you don't think we are alcoholics, most weeks we only visit once. Honest!

When you check into a place enough on Foursquare, you become the mayor.  I’ve been mayor at this place for a long time.  There is a guy on Foursquare that keeps “stealing” my mayorship.  I looked him up on my phone’s app and he is mayor of 80 some places along one boulevard.  He must ride the bus and check in to every place it passes.  He’s mayor at a couple car part stores, at several nail salons, at a bakery, at two veterinarian offices, at two daycares, and at several car dealerships just to name a few.  He obviously cheats.  We know that he’s never been to “our” restaurant and I'm sure he isn't visiting two different vets or several different nail salons (how many manicures and pedicures can one guy get?). 

When he took my mayorship the first time, I was ticked off (don’t judge; I'll admit I’m a little crazy).  I don’t have any problems losing my mayorship to people that actually visit the place but I will NOT to someone who’s never been there!  It’s been a seesaw for a while.  I get my mayorship back and then he steals it robs me again.

Now I’ve become a cheater!  Damn, I’m as bad as this guy.  I sometimes check in at “my place” two times a day!  Angry has checked into a donut shop and stole this guy's mayorship even though we don’t go there.  And, I’ve asked my friends to check into various places that he’s currently mayor just to steal those from him as well.  Game on sucka!!

I guess he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with!!  Mwahahahaha . . .


Pat said...

Dang! And I thought I was addicted! I love Bejeweled blitz; I'm on Facebook everyday, and I try to blog everyday, but I'm not successful!

Liz said...

Oh Pat, I'm really hooked!! HA! If I can't sleep at night (darn menopause), I get up and check on my phone for Facebook and Twitter. I think I need help. Or not. :-)