Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two peas in a pod?

I made split pea soup in my crockpot on Sunday.  We'll be having it for dinner tonight (pea soup needs to sit a few days to let the flavors merge).

Pea soup - the before shot.  That's not a volcano, it's a ham hock.

Pea soup - the after shot.  YUM!

That got me thinking about the fact that when I was a kid I hated detested loathed peas.  I'd spit them in my napkin and try to toss it out before my Mom could see me.  Once, I actually claimed I had to go pee during dinner and fell asleep on the toilet because I didn't want to go back to eat my peas.

I like peas now.  However, I prefer the mushy canned peas over the oddly colored frozen peas that don't look quite natural.  Is that green really a color?

But, I've always loved pea soup even as a kid.  How is that possible?

This blog post really has nothing to do with anything except to reconfirm the fact that I'm weird.


Laura said...

I was really hoping that was a volcano, but then I thought "I bet they don't sell 'em at my ghetto grocery store."

Liz said...

Laura - I'm pretty sure you can buy a volcano on Amazon! HA!