Friday, August 24, 2012

I can see what you're doing!

Angry and I were at a baseball game last month.  We had great seats on the first base side of the ballpark that were in the shade and on the aisle.  We were at an angle so that we had to turn slightly to our left to see home plate.  Trust me, this fact will be important.  I let Angry sit on the aisle and I took the second seat in.

A guy sat in the seat to the left of me and immediately whipped out his phone.  He spent a lot of time texting during the game.  He had an old fashioned “flip phone” so it took him some time to type out all his texts (also an important fact!).

At one point, I looked away from home plate and towards this guy’s phone screen.  I noticed that he was in the midst of typing a text.  Since it was taking him so long, I watched and read along as he finished.

I’m sure you are wondering what it said.  Right?

“There are two fat people sitting next to me on the aisle.”

WHAT?  It’s no secret that Angry and I are chubby. We are working to change that but it’s still a fact.  However, we are not enormous and we fit nicely in our seats.  We didn't take up more room than allotted.  In fact, I never even touched this guy's arms or legs with mine!

I actually wasn’t all that mad about it.  I was more confused.  What I didn't understand was the necessity to text this to someone.  Was it that important?  Did he have a fat people phobia?  In case you were wondering, that's Cacomorphobia according to the interwebs (See, come here and  you'll get educated!).  What was so significant about these two fat people that he felt the need to text about us?

I did feel the need to make a snide remark about it.  So I said (quite loudly), “I may be fat but at least I’m not ugly.”

I’m not sure if he understood that I had read his text and that the comment was related to him.  I don’t care.  He WAS ugly.  But I didn't text anyone about it!


Judy said...

You should have whipped out your phone and texted, "Pretty sure the guy sitting to my right has a really small penis." all the while holding nive and high for him to see. Jerk.

Linda and her Twaddle said...

Ugly is for ever. So he has the real problem.

Pat said...

Oh I just LOVE Judy's comments! Even better, if you had to say each word out loud as you typed them! Haha!

People are just ignorant!

Didn't you feel the need to spill your drink on him?

Liz said...

Linda - Yes, he does. And, I'm not one to judge. I'm not. But he deserved to be judged and when I took a good look at him he was completely unappealing!! :-)

Liz said...

Pat - Judy IS funny. I wish I had thought of her idea and yours. Reading the text out loud would have been GREAT!! I really, honestly, wasn't angry about it so the drink spilling didn't cross my mind. I just spent the rest of the game wondering why he had done it.

Liz said...

Judith - I do have a large screen on my phone but I'm not sure he would have looked in my direction. He did seem to "fear" the fat!! HA!

Laura said...

I would have called him on it. Then farted in his general direction. Give him something to really text about.

Seriously, making fun of overweight people (and that means anything that they perceive as overweight) and smokers are the last two things found completely acceptable in today's society. I think it's rude and being an asshole.

Liz said...

Laura - Damn, I could have eating some hot dogs and really shot him a smelly fart! I wish I had thought of that.

I did see him text something about someone in a yellow shirt as well. His phone was turned so I couldn't read the whole thing. I'm guessing he was making fun of yellow shirts as well.

He was an asshole!