Friday, March 1, 2013

SOMEBODY had a great Valentine's Day!

Angry and I hung out at our local bar/grill for Valentine’s Day.  We don’t need anything fancy.  Our thought was, “Let’s go where the food's good, we are regulars, and we love the staff!”  So off we went.

Our bartender (we’ll call her “N” because the names of the innocent have to be changed) came over to us during the evening and said (while pointing to the other end of the bar), “I have to tell you something and I’ve been waiting for that guy to leave!”

Here’s how the conversation went:

Bartender N:  Did you see that guy over at the end of the bar with the “to go” order?

ME:  He was the one drinking wine right?

BN:  He had quite a few and was quite chatty.

Angry:  Did he proposition you?  Should I follow him and kick his ass? (That's why we call him Angry!)

BN:  No!  But . . . he asked me if you guys were a couple.

A (giggling):  Oh man, some guy’s giving googie eyes to my wife on Valentine’s Day.

BN:  I told him that yes, you were married.  And then he said to me, “Too bad because he's so yummy!”


We found it so funny because we had all assumed that he was looking at me.  Cripes, Angry was going to kick his ass for propositioning N.  And, even though he was giggling, he was wondering if some guy was "eyeing" me up on Valentine's Day.  Wrong answer!

ME:  What?  Not me?  ANGRY'S the yummy one?  That’s awesome!

A:  I don’t think I’ve ever been called yummy until today.  I have to admit that I’m quite flattered.

ME:  And I'm a bit jealous.

Ever since, I’ve been randomly saying “Yummy!” in a deep, male sounding voice during completely inappropriate times.  It’s fun!


Laura said...

Ha! He should get personalized plates.

Liz said...

Great idea! He's thinking about it. Really. I triple dog dared him too. :-)

Ricki said...

Love this story. I've never been called yummy as far as I know, but I once had a guy in a bar come up to me and say "I'd like to take you home and f*** your eyes out." ??? Do you think he actually snagged a lot of women with that smooth pick up line? He's probably still out there somewhere asking.

Liz said...

Ricki - That's not much of a pick up line is it? I'm sure he found a few women who wanted just that but hopefully not too many! You still should have been flattered. I think anyway. :-)