Friday, June 17, 2011

Bad vacation behavior!

As I mentioned before, we were recently in Mexico on vacation.  If you read this about a problem I had there you will, most likely, laugh at me.

I'm in the mood to be bitchy today so I'm going to comment on all the bad vacation behavior I usually see.

We stay in an all inclusive resort and have visited that same resort for five years in a row.  We love it there and have gotten to know some of the staff (who are great at remembering their returning guests).  We have always been treated with the utmost respect, friendliness, and humor that anyone could ever ask for.  While you are not required (and are actually discouraged) to tip at an all inclusive, we do.  We respect and enjoy the employees there and want to show our sincere appreciation for their hard work.  As a side note, we always tip in pesos.  No one should have to work long hours and then try to get to a bank and wait in line to exchange their tip money.

Now, on to the bitchiness!!!

Smoking in the pool.  Why, why, why would you hang out in the middle of the pool with a cigarette?  I don’t want to swim through your ashes!  Or, if you DO stay at the side of the pool, why do you leave your butt(s) on the concrete?  Gross!!  Get out to smoke and use an ashtray.  The pool ain’t going anywhere; it’ll be there when you’re done.

Eating in the pool.  What?  You can’t get out for a couple of minutes to hit the snack bar or outdoor restaurant to eat?  I don’t want to swim through your salsa or guacamole (although I’d take this over the cigarette ashes).  The snack bar and restaurant are about 5 and 50 feet from the pool.  Get out, get your food, and enjoy it the right way.  This year, the security guards told people they had to leave the pool to eat.  These guests got pissed and threw their food in the garbage while complaining very loudly.  Hey, it’s a rule.  Get over it. 

Making fun of the vendors.  You are in Mexico.  Beach vendors are licensed and pay taxes.  These people are selling goods to make a living to support themselves and their families.  Don’t diss them, especially when they are standing right next to you.  If you don’t like their wares (and some stuff is truly junk), politely say “No gracias” and let them move on.  If you ARE interested, treat them with respect while haggling for a good price. Also, please be fair and don’t try to pay $1 for an item that you’d buy at home for $25. 

Getting shit-faced drunk.  OK, I get it.  You can eat and drink as much as you’d like.  Is this a reason to get so drunk that you act like an ass and can’t walk back to your room without falling down?  Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you can’t get a little “happy” with the alcohol.  But, don’t drink so damn much that you act like a jerk.  I’ve seen people calling guests and staff names, swearing very loudly, and actually looking to get into a fight.  Not cool.

Skipping other guests who are waiting to be served.  If I’m waiting at a busy bar or snack bar, do NOT run up to the bartender / server and order your dink or food before me.  I was here first and I was doing the right thing by allowing those that were there before me to place an order and get their stuff.  Get in line and wait like the rest of us, you ass!  Is common courtesy dead?  I guess so.

Treating the staff like crap.  You are RUDE when shout across the pool to the waitress, “Hey! I need a beer!”  They will get to you on their rounds.  How about asking (nicely) at that point?  You are RUDE when you say to the cook at the snack bar, “That’s all I get?”  It’s an all inclusive and you can go back for more.  You are RUDE when you say to the bartender, “You don’t have Corona?” with a whiny voice.  Mexicans don’t drink Corona because it’s a laughable beer.  Drink what they have and shut the hell up.  You are RUDE when you say, “Make sure you give me the good tequila.”  Your idea of good isn’t necessarily everyone else’s idea of good (or the bartender’s for that matter).  If you want a particular brand, ask for it (nicely).

Playing pool games like you are in the Olympics.  We are all on vacation, hanging out at the pool and drinking.  When the activities staff starts a volleyball, water polo, or basketball game, IT’S FOR FUN!  It doesn’t matter if your team wins or loses, it’s fun just the same.  I saw a guy this year who was a goalie during water polo.  The other team scored and he threw the ball so hard back to them that it hit a woman in the face and she thought he broke her nose.  She was fine but why did he do that?  Stupid is as stupid does.

Trying to Americanize the food.  You traveled to Mexico for your vacation but you don’t like Mexican food?  Don’t try to make the restaurants change their entire menu just for you.  We observed one 20-something guest ask if they had jalapeno poppers.  That’s not Mexican food!  The waiter didn’t even understand the explanation of this dish.  Fill a pepper with cheese and deep fry it?  No comprende!

Hanging out on your balcony in your underwear.  We can see you!  We don’t want to see you!  I realize that many bikinis cover less acreage.  But, if I can see your Fruit Of The Loom or Hanes logo, get back inside.  A pair of granny panties and a bra just aren’t that appealing.

Generally, the guests we encounter are great and super friendly.  We love to chat with them at the pool, the bars, and the restaurants.  But, it’s those few people that act badly who make me want to scratch their eyes out!  Be nice so you and I can enjoy our vacations.

Adios Amigos!!


Vegas Linda Lou said...

No, no, NO eating or smoking in the pool!!! I would have been a mental patient had I seen that. Just so wrong.

Liz said...

Linda - We just try to stay away from those morons. I don't want to get into a fight or cause a problem for the resort. So far, we've been able to avoid any ashes. :-)