Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Life as an Only Child

I'm an only child.  When I tell people that, I get some canned responses:

"Oh, you must be spoiled."
"Were you lonely with no one to play with?"
"I hear that only children are really creative."

Well, well, well.  Let me address these:
Not necessarily.

I was a honeymoon baby.  My parents weren't financially ready for a child but certainly made do.  They lived in an apartment that didn't allow children (can't do THAT anymore) so when my Grandma bought a duplex, we moved in and rented the downstairs.  My Grandma was my "daycare" and it was great.  She also cooked our meals as both my parents worked full time and my Mom was a pretty bad cook (I'm not saying anything she wouldn't have agreed with!).

Designer = Grandma. Dang, I was CUTE!
Spoiled?  Since my parents really didn't have a lot of money, I was NOT spoiled.  I did not want for anything but I didn't get a lot of extras.  Many of my clothes were homemade (by my Grandma). 

I had toys and games but a lot of those came from garage sales.  If I asked for something for my birthday or Christmas, I only got it if my parents could afford it.  I might hear that "Santa didn't have time to make that." or something similar.  I can't remember ever being disappointed.

Lonely?  Nope, not one bit.  I was outside all the time.  In those days, kids played outside.  I'd hang with the neighborhood kids and we'd play "Army" and "Cops and Robbers."  If the weather was bad, we'd go inside and play Monopoly, Life, or Sorry.

Creative?  Not me.  I can barely draw a stick man let alone paint or sculpt or design anything.  I have a hard time coming up with a dinner menu, let alone something artistic!  If you look up "creative" in the dictionary, my picture is shown as an antonym.  You'll have a hard time finding anyone less creative then me.  Being creative as a kid consisted of riding my bike if I couldn't think of anything to do.

I do have to admit something though (I have mentioned this before).  I do not share well.  Actually, I hate to share.  I'll do it, but reluctantly.  Even with Angry.  He's the best husband ever but if we are down to the last candy bar, I want the whole thing.  That's a side effect of being an only child.  I didn't have to share then; I don't wanna do it now!!  I will share the broccoli though!!

Did I hate being an only child?  No way!  I loved it.  I had my parents to myself.  I didn't have to fight anyone for the last piece of dessert.  I didn't have to share my bedroom with anyone.  I didn't have to share the phone with anyone as a teenager (I'm sure my parents would have liked to have used it once and a while though).  I didn't have a sister stealing my clothes or shoes.  I didn't have to call shotgun when going on a car ride.  I learned early on how to start a conversation at a party.

Only child = cool in my book.

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