Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Speaking of the heebie jeebies. . .

You want to know what else gives me the heebie jeebies (besides lawns)? 


When I see one, I run.  Far away.

Then, I tell Angry to crush the hell out of it.  Picture me facing the opposite direction and pointing in the creature's general direction yelling, "Kill it already!"

I'm not afraid of them.  They are tiny and could never hurt me (as far as I know, please don't tell me they CAN hurt me).  What bothers me is that they are CREEPY!  And, they show up in creepy places.  Like my tub. 

I won't be reading my own blog since this is too creepy for me!  I'm not kidding.

I found one in the kitchen sink once when Angry wasn't home.  I CAN NOT even look at them let alone squish them myself.  The creep factor wins out over the "it's just a bug" factor.  Since he wasn’t around to help save me, I grabbed a coffee mug and trapped it.  He took care of it smashed it when he got home.

They need to go away.  Forever.

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