Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I wrote earlier that Angry and I were going to try to get healthy.  We are hoping to get in shape and, as a result, lose some weight.  Read about it here if you haven't already.

We've been sort of eating healthy but struggle sometimes.  He's lost a decent amount of weight.  I, on the other hand, lost some then gained some back.  We are going to keep working on it!!

The new addition to the mix is, say it with me, EXERCISE!!  The dreaded exercise.

We joined a gym and went for the first time last night.  I took a Zumba class and he worked out on an elliptical machine and lifted weights.

I actually enjoyed the class.  I had to "slow down" quite a bit as my heart rate went up too high but that's OK.  Fat and lazy do not equal jumping into this full force!!  I felt good (and really tired) when we got home.  I really felt like I had accomplished something.  Angry agreed.

I hate to admit it but I’m looking forward to going again tonight and continuing on with a new routine in our life.

Fat and lazy?  Changing as we speak.


Laura said...

Exercise does make a world of difference. It will make you feel a lot better, even without weight loss.

My perpetual dieting make me an expert by the way. Ha!

Liz said...

Laura - I NEED to feel better. I hate feeling like I ran a marathon after I've walked up 10 stairs. I appreciate the expert's thoughts!! :-) You rock!