Thursday, July 14, 2011

IS it unhealthy?

I have an unhealthy obsession.  But what defines "unhealthy?"  Maybe it's just an obsession.
I’m madly  in love with in lust with Mike Rowe.  You know, the Dirty Jobs guy?
He’s totally sexy (man oh man).  He has a great voice (he was an opera singer for heaven’s sake).  He wears his jeans (Lee) perfectly.  He's an animal lover.  I could go on and on.

The calf is ALMOST at cute as Mike (almost).
I realize that I have a lot of competition.  I've seen many blogs and articles here on the interwebs stating how "hunky," "sexy," "dreamy," and "hot" he is.  That's OK.  Mike and I are on a first name basis because I've had some really nice dreams about him.

What's that Mike? You'll meet me in the bedroom? I'll be right there!
His Discovery Channel bio states that he’s “single (but taken).”  As long as he’s not married, it's game on.  He’s just a bit older than me which is good because I’m usually goo-goo-gaa-gaa over some young baseball player who’s almost young enough to be my kid.
Angry knows all about this as I don’t keep these thoughts to myself.  We watch Dirty Jobs and the dirtier Mike gets, the more I like him.  I’m usually making comments like, “Oh wow, he looks yummy.” or  “They should show how he cleans up after the job.”   

Yummy! Dirt never looked so good.

Angry said that if I could  trick Mike into persuade Mike to marry me, he'd give me a divorce.  On one condition though; I'd have to pass some of Mike’s money on to him.  HA!  I’m not quite sure how that’d work but I’ll think about it.
I know that my chances to land him are slim to none (actually just plain "none").  I believe it’s called unrequited love lust.  But a girl can dream can’t she?

Oh hell yeah, I'd pick that hitchhiker up!
I’m thinking of buying a Ford.  Maybe he can come to my house to film a commercial.  Hmmm. . . 


Bob said...

Looks good shirtless in mud, I bet the cleanup would be fun . . . though I've given my heart to Chris Evans and have informed Bill that I'd leave him in a minute for Chris to which he he laughed and said, "Ok." What?

Now my hopes have been dashed and am I to believe it'll never happen? One has to have some dreams in life. We all have our McDreamies (I will not list the others).

Maybe we'll live down the block from each other in California!

Keep hope alive!

Ricki said...

He be a hunk, all right. Not a pretty boy, but a real man. I mean a REAL man, not some doof who thinks he's a real man.

Nicole said...

Nuttin' wrong with a little unrequited lust.

Beau's Mom said...

Get in line kiddo. I'm older and I've already got a Ford truck. I love absolutely every line in Mike's face. I'd listen to non-stop commercials if his voice was the one talking and, as for that last photo? Oh Lordy. My husband says he's probably gay just to get me upset.

At least he doesn't say: "As IF you had a chance..."

But then I'd be a widow and free to stalk Mike in my Ford.

Liz said...

Bob - After I wrote this, Angry told me he never said he'd be OK with me leaving him (and sending him cash). What?

Ricki - Mike's the pure definition of "real man!" Yummy!

Nicole - I like the way you think!!

Beau's Mom - Mike will go for the "younger gal" which is me! HA!! I've hear "As IF you'd have a chance." Bummer. :-)

Vegas Linda Lou said...

As long as he's not married, game on!

I feel that way about Prince Harry, of all people. So what that he's like almost 30 years younger than me--I could crack his head with my thighs like a Christmas walnut.

Liz said...

Linda - It's the accent, isn't it? I get that too (it's sexy). If you get the chance, do NOT crack his head. HA!