Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's going on over there?

The other day, I was using a stall in a ladies room.  I will not mention where I was – it could have been a bar, a restaurant, or work – as I don’t want to incriminate anyone.  I was getting ready to finish up (flush and head to the sink) when a woman entered the stall next to mine.
She proceeded to make some noises in her stall.  It started with an “Aaaaah.”  I can maybe understand that one.  I’ve waited too long to pee many times and that relief is awesome.  But, I will only make a comment if I’m at home and Angry’s near the bathroom.  I usually say something like, “Man, I really had to go! Glad I didn’t pee my pants.”
She then continued with more. “Hmmm, uuuuh, ooooh” were some of the sounds I heard.
This went on while I washed my hands (loud enough for me to hear over the flushing toilet and the running water).
The sounds noises moans didn’t sound like she was in distress.  They also didn’t sound quite like fun an orgasm.  I wasn’t sure what to make of it but I didn’t hang around to ask!


Vegas Linda Lou said...

See, this is the stuff you just can't make up. Why would anyone bother writing fiction when real life is so fascinating?

Liz said...

Agreed Linda! I do now think that maybe she was upset about something. Should I have waited to see if she was OK? Would someone appreciate that? I'll tell myself, "probably not." :-)