Monday, July 11, 2011


Let's talk about Tattoos.

Years ago, only gang members, bad ass bikers (those you supposed to be afraid of, like The Outlaws), or those that had done time in jail got tattoos.  If you had a tattoo you were one of these people, no questions asked. 

Unless you were in the Military.  That's one group that has always had tattoos but weren’t looked down upon or considered dangerous.  I think they’ve always been “allowed” to have tattoos.  As it should be!

Now a days, tattoos are mainstream.  Is there anyone, anymore that doesn't have a tattoo?  Well yes, actually there are.  But, do people who don’t have a tat still look down on those that do?  I'm sure there are still some people out there that do "frown" upon tattoos but the majority don't seem to anymore.  There are even TV shows about tattoos on The Learning Channel.  The Learning Channel!!

I understand that some people do not want to have a permanent "picture" on their body.  I know that people worry about what it will look like when they get old.  Some people aren't even sure what they'd want to get.  Those are all great reasons to NOT get a tattoo.  I'd rather not hear a person's story about how much they hate their "stupid tattoo" and how they wish they had never gotten it.

I love tattoos (unless they are gang signs).  I love to see them.  I love to hear peoples' stories behind them.  I love to hear where they got them and when.

Angry and I each have three tattoos.  We got our first so long ago that I can't remember when it was!  I think it was 1997ish but who knows?  We got the second the following year.  We got our third this September.

It's been said that once you get a tatt, they are addictive.  I can concur.  Damn right!  I'm always thinking about what to get next and where to put it. I actually have a plan for another one but am looking for a good portrait artist and need to save some money.  These things ain't cheap!

Our stories go like this:

Tattoo #1 for Angry is a bald eagle and wolf set up like yin and yang on his shoulder.  These are two things that he really appreciates and respects (they are strong and beautiful at the same time).  It's an awesome tattoo and looks like a painting.

This tattoo ROCKS!

Tattoo #1 for me is a cute version of Tigger on my upper thigh.  Memories of my childhood laced with Winnie the Pooh triggered this tatt.  Tigger is my favorite character and just seeing him makes me happy.  I have not taken great care of him so his beautiful orange color has faded a lot.  I’ll be getting him touched up soon (hopefully).

Tigger is terrific!

Tattoo #2 for Angry is an arm band (like the barbed wire ones you see all the time).  But, his is made up of a killer whale, a great white shark, and a dolphin (repeated 2 times).  He thinks these guys kick ass.  He's thinking of having that arm done in a half sleeve of all sea creatures.  That would be cool.

I'm gonna eat you!

We're not as deadly but we're just as cool!

Tattoo #2 for me is an outline of a cat on my ankle.  It's simple and small but it shows my love for cats.  God forbid I turn into "The Cat Lady" when I'm old and feeble!!

I love cats (and I wish I was really that tan!).

Tattoo #3 for both of us is a pink breast cancer ribbon.  Angry's Sister is a survivor and my Step-Mom passed away from breast cancer this October.  We got these tattoos before she died so that she could see them.  She loved them which made us happier than I thought it ever could.  We got them on our forearms (my left, his right) so that they would show all the time.  This tattoo is my favorite and I am very proud to have it.

Angry's version.

My version.

I do wish these pictures showed the true colors and beauty of these tatts (especially the pink ones).  I was lazy and used my cell phone camera.  They are so much better in person!  Trust me on that.

Tattoos do involve some pain and suffering.  I hear people say that is what makes them special.  You “suffer” but you have something beautiful to enjoy forever.  You need to take very good care of them during the healing process.  You need to take care of them throughout life so they stay gorgeous.

Is it worth it?  You bet!


Laura said...

I have two tattoos. A Celtic symbol on the side of my calf and a Amy Brown Diva fairy on my back. I love tatts. Yours are way cool.

Liz said...

Ah Laura, I knew you'd have tattoos! You've proven a theory I have. . . All the cool kids have tattoos!! HA!

Ricki said...

While not a fan of tattoos personally, even I have to admit your Tigger & outline cat are way cool.

Liz said...

Thanks Ricki! I don't have any problems with people that don't like tatts, better to not be a fan then to get one you'd hate. :-)

LeeAnn said...

I have ten. They need to be touched up a bit, being over 17 years old, and when I do that, I'm going to get another because eleven is my lucky number. All in a line down my spine, icon-like, except one on my ankle.
Got them all in one summer, too.
Your kitty one is supercute.

Liz said...

Ten LeeAnn? That's cool! I can only hope to get that many in my lifetime. I don't think I'd be able to get them on my spine. I'm a wuss!! :-)

Nicole said...

I have a deep fascination with tattoos. I want one in the worst way. I even have one already custom designed by a comic/game artist. But it is super intricate and I had trouble finding an artist in my area that showed me work that made me think they could do a good job with it. Plus, a friend with 2 sleeves and many more tats has told me that it would need much work and touchup over the course of its life. Sigh. I'm just not that into commitment, I guess. Plus I'm a total wuss about the pain and it would look best across the back of my neck.

Your's and Angry's are very cool.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

I'm not a tattoo person myself (hello, that's a commitment), but the artwork on yours looks beautiful. Very nice. On you. :)

Liz said...

Nicole - All good reasons not to get a tatt. You need an artist you can trust. And, if you choose something that needs a lot of touching up, that can be expensive (as well as painful). I hope if you really want that tatt and find a good artist, you go for it!

Linda - Ah yes, commitment. A tattoo is certainly a forever one! Thanks for the compliment! We do love out tattoos.