Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Really? You had to do that?

Do NOT cross the street if you have a don't walk sign (that's the big orange hand in case you were wondering!).  Especially in a busy Downtown intersection with traffic coming at you (and me waiting to make a right turn).

This means you stay on your side of the street!
And, if you decide to be the dumbass who does that; don't walk so slowly that everyone has to wait forever to get through the intersection.

That is all.


Laura said...

Okay, just yesterday I go downtown with my friend at lunch where we had to park on the other side of the street. She starts to cross, mid-street, where not only one cop car is stopped at the light- but TWO and another one coming the opposite way . I'm all "WHOA! You have to use the crosswalk!" She's all "Wha?" Then she spots them and screams "OH MY GOD I WAS ABOUT TO JAYWALK!"

I need smarter friends.

Liz said...

Laura - How much for a jaywalking ticket by you? She would have got one for sure. I'd not cross in the middle of the street unless I had to pee really bad and needed to get to an establishment with a batheroom!! HA!