Thursday, January 19, 2012

I always feel like somebody's watching me.

The building I work in has a security team and uses a lot of security cameras.  Many of the cameras are in areas around the elevators.

Yesterday, I was waiting for an elevator to get to the parking garage.  I yawned.  A huge yawn with my mouth wide open and that “yeeeaaww” noise.  I didn’t cover my mouth because I was the only one waiting for an elevator.

Suddenly, I realized that I was on camera.  I hoped no one at the security desk was watching!  They would have gotten a great view of the molars in my big mouth.  YIKES!  How ugly did my face look while that yawn was happening?

Then I started thinking. . . . What else have they seen over the 20 years I’ve worked here?

Have I scratched the side of my nose (the side not facing the camera) and they thought I was picking it?

Have I plucked a straying piece of underwear from my behind?  Like the pair that doesn’t start out as thongs but ends up there.

Have I rearranged an ill-fitting bra around my boobs?

Have I scratched in an uncivilized place like an armpit?

I suppose it’s too late to worry about all that now.  Although, I do wonder if they store those security videos somewhere.  That would make for some interesting programming.

If I do any of those things again, I’ll be sure to smile and wave at the camera when I’m done!

I can see you!


Pat said...

Next time you need to adjust the "girls" or rearrange your underwear, then blow a kiss to the camera! That oughta get 'em! Ha ha!

Liz said...

I'm so doing that Pat!! Thanks for the great idea. If they are watching at that moment, they'll get a good laugh!!