Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Packers better beat the Giants today. - UPDATED

 That is all.

Hey you Giants - you're gonna get the snot beat out of you today.


Well, the Packers lost the game.  They should not have rested their starters.  And, they should have adjusted their defense to play better (how about rushing the passer?).

I'm too depressed to move!


Ricki said...

I have been a Packers fan for forever. To say that was a disappointing game yesterday is a gross understatement. WTF happened? My one consolation is that they are still the reigning Super Bowl Champs. What a waste of an excellent season. The Giants. . .really?

Liz said...

Ricki - I'm glad to hear that someone else shares my sorrow! They rested their starters (a huge no-no) and they didn't adjust their defense. How many times did they rush the passer? Twice? When they did, it worked! UGH!!!