Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How did Angry get his nickname?

Obviously my dear husband’s real name isn’t Angry.  Come on, who would name their kid that? 

Let me explain how he got his nickname.

He’s always had quite a temper.  It takes a lot to get him mad but when he hits that point, he is MAD. 

When we were dating, we pulled into the parking lot of a movie theatre.  At the time, he drove a classic car that he loved.  As he was turning of the engine and taking off his seat belt, some teenagers walked behind the car and punched the trunk lid.  He was furious!  He wanted to get out and chase after them.  I told him to relax and we went to the movie and had a nice date.  We also checked the trunk and there was no harm done.  But, he talked about it for a long time (a grudge holder perhaps?).

Here’s the story that earned him the moniker “Angry.” 

That's not really Angry!
We were grocery shopping.  When we returned to his truck, we saw that there was a shopping cart sitting right up against the door.  He pulled it back and we saw that there were three very large dents (one was so deep that the paint had chipped).  He said a few “choice” words, picked up the shopping cart, lifted it over his head, and threw it!  Picture the Incredible Hulk minus the missing shirt, torn pants, and green skin. 

He turned and started walking to the cart corral to grab some more to toss.  I grabbed his arm and told him that we needed to leave and he needed to calm down.  The ride home was crazy as he couldn’t stop swearing and pounding his fist on the steering wheel.  He. Was. ANGRY.

Telling the story to our friends had them howling in laughter and immediately saying, “We should call him Angry!”  He’s been branded with that handle ever since.  If you ask me, I think he’s proud of it!

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