Monday, February 14, 2011

How do I love Thee?

Today is Valentine’s Day.  I enjoy studying history but don’t seem to have a clue what the history for this day is.  I keep hearing that it isn’t a “Hallmark” holiday but I’ll have to research what it’s really all about.  I know there was a St. Valentine but I don’t know (or can’t remember) what he did to deserve a day.

I think I can safely say that it is a day for love.  It’s not necessarily about a husband/wife/partner relationship but about ALL the people you love.  Your parents.  Your step-parents. Your grandparents. Your kids. Your siblings. Your nieces and nephews. Your friends.  Anyone that is important to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all those that mean a lot to me.  You all know who you are.  I love you.  You all make my life complete in many different ways.

I’ve been happily married to Angry for almost 20 years (we’ll celebrate that in November).  We've been together almost 22 years.

Honey, listen up.  I want to tell you this on Valentine’s Day:

You are my rock.  If I’m down or sad (or even depressed) you listen to me and help pick me back up the very best you can.  If I’m giggly happy about something, you share in my joy or silliness and make it even better.

You “save” me.  I have a lot of problems with low blood sugars.  You are the one that notices them way before I do.  You force me (using many creative ways) to eat or drink something to correct the problem.  You’ve had to deal with me being close to unconscious.  These times are not pleasant for you.  I’ve punched or slapped you and called you very bad names.  You are the one who helps me feel better after I’ve had a terrible nightmare due to low blood sugar.  These nightmares are truly terrifying for me and you are the one that can talk me down to reality.  You get suddenly awakened by a scared woman who most often thinks she’s going to die.  You handle it like a champ.  I believe that you have truly saved me time and again.  I’m not sure I’d be here if you hadn’t taken care of me in those situations.  It is not easy to be married to a diabetic.  You’ve stuck with it for a long time.

You’re my very own fashion guru (the best that a guy can be, anyway).  When I ask the typical “Do I look fat in this?” question, you have the right answers!  You help me decide which pair of shoes looks best with an outfit.  You help me decide if certain colors look crappy together.  You comment on my jewelry choices.  You shop with me and carry all my bags when I buy stuff!  It doesn’t get much better than that.

You say my cooking is good even though I know it isn’t!  Either you really love me or you have very, very bad taste buds.  I’ll believe you really love me.

You share with me.  When you have something like a tiny piece of chocolate and I give you the “that looks good, I wish I had some” face, you gladly offer me some. 

You put up with my menopausal hormones.  I’ve ripped your head off for many small, silly things when those hormones are raging.  You take it in stride.  I also do a lot of crying.  You don’t laugh at me when I cry about a stupid TV show or commercial.  And, when I’m sad about missing my Mom, you know it’s time to comfort me.

You mow the grass and shovel the snow.  I love that I don’t have to do that junk or worry about it.

You put gas in my car.  I tease you and say, “That’s the man’s job.” but you do it for me anyway.  I can do it; I have done it.  But, I like that you take care of it most of the time.

You still hold my hand after all these years.

You give me a kiss goodbye before you leave for work.  I tell you it’s silly but I really like it!

There are many more things I could list that are special to me.  I don't want this blog post to be a zillion pages long so I'll stop here.

I think you know it but I know I don’t say it enough.  I love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the best husband I could ever ask for.


Rob said...

I love you too!

Linda and her Twaddle said...

That's good love.

Liz said...

Linda - It's good and I'm very lucky. I know that!! :-)