Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If I write it, it must be so.

Angry and I are chubby overweight fat.  It’s a fact and we freely admit it.

We both have health problems.  I’m a Type 1 diabetic (for 36 years) with slightly high blood pressure and he needs a knee replacement.  The extra weight doesn’t help either one of us.

We have, over the years, lost and gained some weight.  We’ve also tried to diet many times (too many to count).

Problem number one is that we like to eat out.  Who doesn’t like not having to cook or clean up?  ME!!

Problem number two is that we have no sense of suck at portion control.  If I make pork chops and potatoes, we both have two chops and a plate full of potatoes.  Not good.

We’ve both come to the conclusion that we are getting older and need to do something to lose some weight and get into better shape.  We both would like to spend a lot more time together and our health may prevent that if we keep living and eating the way we have.

I’m writing this down so I feel like I’ve written some sort of contract.  If I put it into writing, it must be so.

We have begun our quest to be healthy.  Nothing crazy, just healthy. 

We are going to:

  1. Eat at home more.
  2. Cook using healthier ingredients.
  3. Use portion control to the max.
  4. Add more fruits and veggies to the mix.
  5. Get some exercise.

Problem number three (and our biggest) is exercise.  I know some people enjoy it but we both find it boring and “unfun.”  Angry also has issues because his knee is so bad.  He’s limited to using an elliptical type machine and no high impact exercise.  We are going to look into a local gym that offers classes I’d be interested in.  I’m hoping that will motivate me to go.  Angry can use the machines while I take a class.

We have a trip to Mexico planned for May and I’d like to drop a few pounds by then (and be “forced” to buy a new swimsuit or two!).  We may also have the opportunity to go to Hawaii next April.  That’s over a year to try to get into shape (and look decent on the beach)!

Wish us luck.  I think we’re gonna need it.


Bob said...

Winter in Wisconsin and we're in a similar place. It's TV or eating out or combination of sloth and food. I've put on a few pounds as well. Even a vegan diet doesn't keep you thin, believe me, there is plenty of carb comfort food that can be rationalized as not being fattening. We should talk.

Lorrie said...

When you start working out, go to a club you enjoy, don't necessarily go to the cheapest (it's no bargain if you don't go). Sometimes I only have time to work out for 20 minutes, but I tell myself it's better than being at home eating snacks! Every little bit helps. I also need to cut back on eating (after Vegas). I know I lost weight when I had to do the low carb diet when I was pregnant with Julia. Unfortunately, it seems like I crave them even more now! Cutting back on Alcohol also helps (after Vegas).

Liz said...

Hey guys! We aren't looking to get crazy, just cut back on the over eating (and dining out). Unfortunately, I won't give up my booze!! :-) Thanks for the encouragement. We'll talk Bob! Any ideas you have will certainly be helpful.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you find a club that has a swimming pool. I have had knee, back and ankle surgeries in my life and the best place to be exercising is in the water. If you are in water up to your neck, you have just taken 94% of your body weight off of your frame. It helped me and the water was great resistance post surgery, instead of using weights. You can take water classes, or just by walking the length of the pool or using ankle weights, you can get a great workout.

Liz said...

Denise - That's a great idea. Angry hates classes but he could do some exercises himself in the pool. Didn't think of that!

Linda and her Twaddle said...

It took me until the age of forty to really get into exercise. It then took at least 2 years of hard work to get to a good level. I just treat it as I do brushing teeth. I have to do it.

It is never much fun however I exercise with a group and that makes it different. It is only for a short time it feels blech.

Food is so efficient. And tasty. You only need to cut back a few things to see a difference. Do it nice and slowly - not some weird diet. At least you are both thinking about it.

Liz said...

Linda - that's good advice. I need to just "do it" and not think about how much I dislike it! And, if I do exercise classes, it will motivate me to go!
As for food, we are not going to do anything crazy. Just cutting portions and choosing healthy options. I agree, you can't do silly stuff and have it work. It must be a lifetime change.