Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's a big (no, HUGE) drinking day today!

Today is St. Patrick's Day. 

As a day to celebrate, I think those of us here in the US don't have it quite right.  Is there a need to open the bars at 6 am?  How does one celebrate in Ireland?  I think it's a day to feast (actually, a religious feast), not get crazy drunk (although I think THAT'S a religion to lots of people!).

Anyway, since Angry and I will actually be at a local joint for Happy Hour and a special Irish menu after work today, I thought I'd talk about all the bartenders out there.

This SHOULD be one of the biggest money making days for bartenders.  Tips should be rolling in like there's no tomorrow!!  I HOPE that's how it works for them.

We have our "favorite" bartenders around town.  We enjoy sitting at their bars, chatting with them, and even Facebooking with some of them.  They work very hard and are really fun to spend time with.  We like to tip them well as they take good care of us (and put up with Angry when he thinks he's being funny!).

Here's a tip we saw recently at our favorite local joint (yes, I took a picture - it's good for the blog!):

Hey big spender!
If I remember right, this customer ordered at least four beers, wanted to be sure they didn't get mixed up, had several questions, and was generally very needy.  This tip was NOT what he should have left.  What the hell? 

I do understand that sometimes you may get poor service.  If that's the case, tip accordingly.

Otherwise, give your hard working and friendly bartenders some decent money (at the very minimum, $1 per drink)!  Tip especially well today when they will be run ragged by the crazy, green attired crowds.

Erin Go Brah and all that!

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