Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What brand?

Angry and I have two cats.  One is 14 years old and one is 11 years old. 

The older cat stopped eating hard kibble a few years ago.  No big deal, we started feeding him canned food.  We’ve searched out what we thought was the best.  We’ve tried holistic food, all natural food, and food made from nothing but fish or fowl.

He used to eat pretty much anything we offered him.  I’d mix it up with different “flavors” because I felt like he’d like a variety.  Yeah I know; he’s a cat for pete’s sake.

A while ago, he stopped eating anything that was seafood flavored.  What?  A cat that won’t eat seafood?  We bought only chicken, turkey, or beef.  Then he stopped eating beef.  We He eventually narrowed it down to two foods that he’d eat.  Then a month or so ago, he stopped eating one of those two.  We are currently down to one flavor of one brand that “Mr. Picky Pants” will eat.

Monday I opened the last can and asked Angry to stop after work to pick some up.  I specifically asked him if he knew what brand and flavor to buy.  The very typical “Yes Dear” was the response I got.

When I got home, he told me that the store only had the “small” cans so he bought a bunch of them instead of the larger cans we like.

That brand we use doesn’t come in a “small” size!  I asked him what he bought.  He said the “Turducken” flavor that the cat likes. 

NO, NO, NO!!  He won’t even sniff that one before he walks away!!  That’s the one he quit eating a month ago.

I’m normally the one to feed the cats.  This is even funnier because he just fed them the other day (using the correct brand).  Then, he also fed them when he got home from the store.  He didn’t notice that the can he was using was different from the ones he just bought!!

Luckily, the pet supply store we use allows returns.  He said he was going to tell the sales guy that, “My wife told me the wrong brand to buy” for his return reason.  Thanks Honey!

I love the man but sometimes wonder what’s going on in that head!!


Laura said...

That cat has you trained well. Ha!

Liz said...

Oh yes. He knows how to be the master of the house!