Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who are They?

While we were out and about yesterday, someone said:  "You know, they say you should take care of that right away."

That got me thinking (and no, my brain didn't start smoking from being used!).

Who are "They?"

They say a lot.  Sometimes it's true or good advice.  But sometimes, it's a lot of hogwash.  Nothing that anyone should even listen to, let alone do.

What makes They the experts?

Do They have a degree in the thing that's being talked about?  Do They work in that particular field?  Are They some sort of doctor?  Are They a rocket scientist?

What makes us think that They are right? 

"They say" is used in a lot of conversations.  I know that I usually nod and agree.  Why?

Am I the only crackpot thinking about this?

Another set of questions that I assume won't be answered. 

Maybe They know?

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